• Basic Training

    Basic dog obedience is designed to teach essential commands that every dog should know and is designed for dogs with little to no formal training experience.

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    Advanced Training

    Advanced Training is a new class that is designed for dogs/puppies that have had formal (puppy) training and are ready to build on those skills without all the introduction of previous foundational skills.

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    Puppy Training

    Puppy classes provide education on: leadership, manners, socialization, housebreaking and beginning obedience and can help to stop unwanted behaviors such as nipping, chewing, jumping, and barking. We even have a session on beginning agility and confidence building!

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    Behavior Problems

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Does your dog have a history of biting? Is your dog anxious and nervous and lacks the skills to navigate a through a busy city? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs unruling reactive behavior?

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    Dogs & Children

    Whether you are bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital, buying a new puppy for your child, bringing home a new pet to co-habitate with a current pet, or simply need help selecting a new puppy or dog, a pet adaptation lesson can make your life transition easier with professional guidance.

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    Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully.

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  • Private In-Home Training

  • Private Classes

  • Practical. Positve. Lasting Results.

    Any Age, Any Breed, Any Questions?
    Get ready to experience Dog Training That Actually Works: a practical, positive, relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results by building trust, courage, confidence, & bond with your pet.
    No matter the age, breed, or behavior issue, we can help!
    Our team of Certified and Veterinarian-Recommended Trainers and Behavior Consultants have over 10 years of experience with lasting & positive results.
    • Behavior Modification
    • Dominant & Fear Aggression
    • Food & Toy Aggression
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Hyper
    • Fearful
    • Housebreaking
    • Counter Surfing
    • Getting in Trash
    • Destruction of Property
    • Leash Pulling
    • Jumping
    • Nipping
    • Chewing
    • Digging
    • Puppy Development 
    • Submissive Urination
    • All Forms of Basic Obedience & Beyond.
  • Online Dog Training Beta Testers

    Ask us how you could become a beta tester for our online dog training school.