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House Breaking

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Basic Obedience

Behavior Modification

House Breaking

Puppy Training

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Behavioral Problems?

House Breaking

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Excessive Barking

We guarantee one session with us is all it takes to learn how to put an end to disruptive, excessive barking.

Leash Pulling

There is no fastest method to end leash pulling fast than Jeff’s Canine Integral Approach. We will help you learn all the different methods to stop leash pulling…then it is just up to you to implement.


Dogs have a natural tendecy to dig. In the wild they would bury any excessive food or bones to avoid them from being stolen by other predators.  Let us help you work with mother nature instead of against her. We have many solutions, it’s just matter of finding the perfect one for your and your family.


If your dog is bouncing off walls, we can help. The number one helper with this issue is exercise, & lots of it. We can teach you how to properly drain your dog’s mental & physical energy while still saving some for yourself.


If your dog is has biten already or you are in fear they could, this course will help you alleviate your fears & get your back to living a normal life again.

Dogs Rehabilitated

Basic Obedience Grads


Online Video Tutorials


This is our premium training package. We take your dog through each step of the away to becoming an “Off Leash Wonder”

Doggy Furtography

Find out how you can save when you bundle with our Doggy Photography Package.

Pet Portraits

This option includes a 15 min photo shoot of your pet after your dog training session. You give you the low res digital files to share all over social media at your beck and call. If you decide you want them to be printed or edited to perfection we also have a high-res print option

Family & Pet Package

Let’s face it, our pets are part of the family. Because of this, how awesome would it be to have professional photos done of you whole family including the pooches? If you want great photos to share for years to come of your entire family, pets included…this package is for you.

Puppy to Adult Package

Your puppy grows up quick. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture every cute cuddly stage in that process. If you want to enjoy your puppies journey to adulthood…this package is for you.

For Awesome Cool Pet Parent Clothes!!!

Here you will find a bunch of cool Fur-Parent Clothing. 

Pack Leader Palace

Tools & resources to make your dog training journey easier.

Puppy or Adult Classes

We provide several options to best suit your needs.


Tried & Proven Techniques

We have been helping people help their dog’s since 2005.

Phone & Email Support

We are here for you every step of the way.

Online Video Vault

We offer a free trial to Dog School Online ot assist further along the way.

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