Aggressive Chihuahua Case Study

Imagine in just one session you could experience hope for your dog. Aggression is the outcome of several factors.

Not only will you be able to intendify the cause, you will learn how to attack the problem at the root. The simple fact is all dogs can bite, but some of them are more likely to bite than others.

What makes some dogs aggressive and others not?

Have you ever heard the phrase we hurt the ones we love? How about the phrase, “this is gonna hurt me more than this is gonna hurt you” prior to a disciplining.

Your dog bites out of love. I know at first this might sound crazy…But trust me…Your dog loves you, but just becuase the love you it doesn’t mean they won’t bite you or others.

A dog who believes they are in charge will lead by enforcing the rules.

What are the Rules?

The rules can be something as simple as this…When you dog says stop if you don’t stop then they could bite to enforce their command for you to stop.  


Will this Work for my Dog? 

The strategies used to alleviate aggression work with every dog, all the time. The only thing that would prevent help is if the Vet says your dog can’t learn due to medical issues. 

How Long will this Take? 

In some situations one session was all that was needed. In other cases it could take much longer. The beauty is…Once you can feel confident in your approach you can begin to create results immediately.