Basic Obedience & Beyond!

We believe basic obedience is essential to every great dog relationship. When you are able to come home and not get jumped on, take your dog for a walk without getting pulled on the leash, and be able to sit and enjoy your evening without having to clean up accidents or getting nipped. Our basic obedience package goes way beyond the basics. Professional training is considered at 6 ft. of leash length. In our basic obedience class we go double the distance and beyond. We actually use a 15 ft. leash for all our basic obedience commands to make sure your dog doesn’t just listen right by you, but also when you are at a greater distance.     

Treat Training vs Canine Integral Approach

Treats are fine and dandy, but if you are looking for a treats only class this isn’t it. We believe treats are great..but they shouldn’t be the only reason your dog listens. We can and will use treats, but not as a lure. A lure is where you use the treat to help guide your dog into the proper position.

For example, let’s say you wanted to teach your dog the sit command, you can use the treats to get them into a sit by holding the treat in one hand and then putting it to your dog’s nose, from there raise the treat slightly over and behind their heads, and they follow the treat with their nose, they will naturally end up in a sit position. This is pretty easy stuff! If you want to learn that will we teach it to you for FREE. 

As far as the Canine Integral Approach…we teach you how to get your dog to sit without the treats, and not to get up until we give the “Okay” release command, even if there are treats all around as a distraction to make things 10x more difficult. Here’s the thing, if your dog can sit still through a treat parade, then it is quite possible that asking your dog to sit in normal situations should be a breeze. 


What is Basic Obedience?

Basic Obedience consists of the 5 basic commands every dog should know to live in harmony with a human family. 

1. Heel – This is where your dog will walk next to you (not in front), no more than a foot away and automatically sit every time you stop walking. 

2. Sit – This command should only be given once. If your dog doesn’t comply we need to practice. The idea of the sit command is to be used whenever we need our dog’s to calm down and hold on a moment. For instance, let’s say your dog is interested in chasing a cat into oncoming traffic…Wouldn’t the sit command alone actually stop them if your dog did indeed respond to the sit command. 

3. Stay – Imagine your dog being able to stay even during distractions…such as…kids, bicycles, other dogs, mail carriers, sirens, & more. Our program uses a special trick to teach your dog sit-stay-in-a-day. 

4. Down – Get ready, this command can be challenging if your dog doesn’t respect you currently. When a dog downs, they are taking a submissive position, they are in  a more vulnerable state, which means they won’t be having it unless you’ve established some trust and earned some pack leader points.