Behavior Modification

Any behavior can be modified or shaped over time. The biggest difference between behavior modification and dog training is behavior modification is typically focused in one specific behavioral problem area whereas dog training is more generalized. Your dog could have gone through a dog training program somewhere else and be pretty good and the basic commands and some tricks but it doesn’t mean excessive barking or separation anxiety isn’t an issue.


Typically most common amongst puppies, but if not treated the cute puppy nip could easier turn into getting nipped by 42 full grown adult dog teeth. Whether you have a puppy or an adult the nips, it can be a real drag and a painful one at that.



Genetically dogs are hardwired to jump on their pack mates and to express pack rank through certain rituals and behaviors. When your dog jumps on everyone it is probably because they believe they are doing their job. They feel they must show you where you and they belong in the pack. Can jumping on someone be a form of affection…Yes, there are some components to it…but…dogs don’t jump on other dog leaders, and if your dog views you as leader they won’t jump on you either…unless of course, you ask them too.

“They are no bad dog behaviors when they have an ON and OFF switch.”

Separation Anxiety

Believe it or not, puppies are never left alone in the wild. They are always with a leader or a litter mate. So the idea of you being gone while your dog is alone is foreign to your dog. The trick is to convince your dog not only are you safe without them, but they are safe without you as well. The Pack Leader would leave to go hunting while the pups would remain back with the mommy dogs to nurse. Sometimes it would be 3 to 4 days before food would be captured and taken back to be shared with the pack. The leaders ate first, then everyone else according to rank. 

Excessive Barking

Whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof! Yep, machine gun fire barking. That’s what I like to call it. We try to block it out, and at times we almost can, but deep down inside we know we need to do something about it. Taking action is good, and healthy for your dog. Constant barking isn’t normal in the wild, that happens in absence of pack leader. We want to help you become the leader so your dog doesn’t even have a reason to bark in the first place.