Dogs would dig in the wild for necessity. If there was an excess of food it was essential for them to be able to hide (burry) it from other predators

this way they could eat it later. .

Your dog digs for another reason…

The Bottom Line: It’s fun

The Underlying Cause: They’re board




Digging doesn’t have to be an issue if you know how to harness it’s power for good instead of evil. It could actually become a really fun party favor.

Imagine your friends and family are over at your place. Then you look right at your dog and say “go find the hidden treasure”.

Immediately your dog runs to the yard and starts digging. A few moment later your dog comes proudly trotting back with something in their mouth.

Your dog then brings you the item and you open it. Inside contains something special for your crowd. 

Examples: It could be tickets to a fun event. Possibly a piece of paper with someone’s name written on it that wins a prize. etc.



In some situations digging just won’t slide. If your landlord isn’t thrilled by how cute your dog’s digging trick is

it might be time to get some help. It can be so frustrating when every time you turn your back your yard has been dug up by your dog.

To get help with with your digging dog schedule a consultation and evaluation. 



Sometimes dogs will dig to keep cool. When it’s hot outside and your dog is looking for shelter, the nice cool soil can help do just the trick.

Try giving your dog access to more shelter or places to keep cool and out of the sun and you might be surprised by the results.

If this doesn’t do the trick though we are here to help. To get help from a certified professional dog trainer Book Now!




What if after just one session you could get an action plan and feel the confidence you need to finally put an

end to your dog’s destructive digging once and for all?

Could you imagine how much more you would leave your dog outside if you could be sure they wouldn’t tear up your yard.

Our methods have been refined and refined again over 1000’s of clients and over 13 years of experience.

If you’re ready to finally enjoy your yard without unsightly holes…

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