Barking can be a real bummer. Especially when you’re trying to sleep at night, have company over, or just enjoy an evening in peace and quite. Dogs were born to communicate and one of the ways they do this is through vocalizations. When your dog barks they aren’t just whistling dixie. Your dog’s bark is their way of trying to tell you something. Or they are trying to tell someone else something (included cars, squirrels, bicyclist, etc.)

If your dog’s barking is getting out of control, or it’s been out of control for a while now…I have good new.

Here at the CIA we use a systematic approach to get a grip on barking. First we access the situation. Next we identify the underlying issue. Finally we strategize when, where, and how to go about getting the desired control you desperately need.

To get help with excessive barking please schedule a consult and evaluation.