Q: Can you House Break my Dog?

A: I have a “GUARANTEED” House Breaking Method I’m so confident in, I will pay you if it doesn’t work!!!


Q: I have already spoken with several trainers and I’m still not satisfied with the results, what is different about CIA?

A: CIA offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Never once has CIA given up on an owner and their beloved pet.


Q: What dog training methods do you use?

A: It is totally dependent upon the situation & owner comfortability. To me your dog is not a “cookie,”  so I do not use “cookie cutter’ methods.


Q: My dog is aggressive, & all the dog trainers & veterinarians I’ve talked to said to euthanize him (put him down). Can you help?

A: Yes! I have helped several dogs just like yours with 100% positive results.


Q: My dog is a senior citizen, is there any hope for her bad behavior?

A: Yes! Old dogs can learn new tricks. In fact, learning new things for an older dog can help to keep the mind young.


Q: Do you offer private lessons or do you board & kennel the dogs to train them?

A: CIA Dog Training offers both Private Sessions & Boarding.


Q; I rescued my dog from the shelter, & it was formerly abused. She is real scared and will run away & urinate when we try to teach her sit. Is there any help for a dog like that?

A: Yes! Fortunately dogs let go of the past better than most people. There is even hope for fearful submissive dogs that have been abused.


Q: My dog jumps on everyone. I have tried everything and nothing works. Can my dog be taught not to jump?

A: Yes! What is needed from your part is 100% commitment & jumping issues can usually be solved in 1 day.