Hyper-Active Dog Eh?


Is your dog constantly acting like they drank too much coffee? We know first-hand what you’re going through. 

A hyper-active dog can be a major drain on our energy. Especially after a long hard day at work, you might want to come home and relax, 

but instead…your dog comes trashing through the house and demands a game of “drive you nuts” and if you don’t play you have to 

deal with the consequence of rapid-fire barking or whining until you give in. 




The 3 easiest ways to deal with an overly-energetic dog are 1. Exercise 2. Exercise 3. Exercise. 

Unfortunately what we think is exercise and what are dogs think are exercise are usually two completely different things. 

Most of us believe a walk around the block or a game of fetch is exercise. That can be true or it could actually be making your dog act more hyper. 

I know. Major bummer right?

Anyhow, that’s where we come in. We’ve been helping hyper-active dogs to learn to be more calm for the last 13 years.

Most of the time when we go on a session the dog parent says it’s the calmest their dog has ever been, 



In some situations a dog is described as good “for the most part” throughout the day except…during (insert time of day).

This is commonly known as the bewitching hour. You’re not alone. So many people report this exact same phenomenon. 

If this sounds like you iit might be time to get some help. It can be so frustrating when you know your dog is about to go bananas and you feel helpless

because you’re unsure what to do about it. Well…feel that way no more, and start feeling like you’re in control again. 

To get help with with your dog’s hyper-activity  schedule a consultation and evaluation. 



A big issue a lot of us face is our dogs are great at getting moving, feeling the moment, being happy, and having an overall good time. 

This is great except when it happens at our expense. The secret to getting around this issue is with an on-off switch. 

There are essentially no bad behaviors when they have an on-off switch. If it’s a behavior you never want, never turn the switch on. 

Most dogs react best to this on-off switch theory vs just trying to stop them without the “on” part. 

If you need help creating an on-off switch for your dog’s crazy behavior we are here to help.


What if after just one session you could get an action plan and feel the confidence you need to finally put an

end to your dog’s hyper-active behavior once and for all?

Could you imagine how much more you would enjoy coming home to a calm peaceful home rather than a furry rampage. .

Our methods have been refined and refined again over 1000’s of clients and over 13 years of experience.

If you’re ready to finally enjoy your home without all the craziness and instead have a calm dog for a change…

Call 330-240-0915 to set up an appointment today. Or you can Schedule Yourself Here.