Leash pulling can be such a drag. But it doesn’t have to be. Our proven methods work regardless of the dog’s age, size, or breed.

We are known for creating a noticeable change it leash pulling awareness in just one session.

The problem is this…

2 people cannot steer a boat in two different directions at the same time.

But that’s exactly what it’s like trying to walk your dog now.

You have one objective (a nice pleasant walk) whereas your dog has another.

Get all the tools you need for your loose leash walking to succeed.



So many people have told us horror stories of getting knocked down by their dog or worse knocked down and then drug by the leash

because they couldn’t let go or refused to because they didn’t want to lose their dog. Could you imagine the consequences of such a thing.

We have actually been there in the past so no judgment on our part. The trick is doing something about it.

Dawn was once pulled of a 5 foot high porch by a dog that saw something she wanted to get to.

When Jeff was a child he took a ride though the woods being tethered to a dog he was trying to walk.

The dog finally stopped pulling but only after Jeff got pretty banged up during the experience.

It sure didn’t stop them though from finally figuring it out. These days they are loose leash walking superstars.



Most pet stores have been taught to sell people complaining of their pulling pups or dogs to get harnesses.

The reason? So they don’t collapse their tracheas. Makes sense right?

Unfortunately not all harnesses are designed to make walking easier for the fur parent.

In fact. Most harnesses are designed for pulling. Think of sled dogs…they all have on harnesses don’t they?

Some dog trainers want you to switch to a device you’re uncomfortable with to get results.

Not here. We only want you to use what you’re comfortable with. Our recommendations are just that…recommendations.

We have found the secret to stop leash pulling regardless of the device.



Leash pulling is usually combated one of two ways.

1. Give lots of treats to lure the dog into following you

2. Pull the leash when they pull

If you’ve been trying either of these two things and you feel like you’re getting nowhere…

No worries…we deal with this everyday.

Both of these concepts can be very misleading without the help of a professional.

I strongly suggest if your dog is a strong leash puller it’s time to get control and start to enjoy your walks again.

To get help with leash pulling schedule a consultation and evaluation. 


What if after just one session you could enjoy a much calmer, more relaxed dog on your walks?

Could you imagine how much more you would walk your dog if they didn’t pull you everywhere.

Our methods have been refined and refined again over 1000’s of clients and over 13 years of experience. 

If you’re ready to finally enjoy walking your dog again instead of being walked…

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