Off Leash In 3 Weeks Program

What Leash?

What if you no longer got pulled on the leash when you took your dog for walks? What if you didn’t need a leash at all?

Could you imagine taking your dog for a walk, instead of your dog walking you…

It’s no fun getting pulled around by our dogs. It basically takes the joy out of walking. 

If you find yourself feeling guilting for not walking your dog as much as you know you should because of their behavior…

Then our Off Leash in 3 Weeks program could be exactly what the doctor ordered. 




Our Off Leash in 3 Weeks Program is just what your looking for if:

  • Busy without the time to put in yourself
  • Frustrated & overwhelmed
  • Considering getting rid of your dog
  • Looking for the best training we have to offer
  • Want long lasting positive results without spending countless hours


    What Does This Include?

    • Heel
    • Sit
    • Auto-Sit
    • Stay
    • Down
    • Come
    • Release Command
    • Reprimand Command
    • Place Command
    • Proofing In & Out of Doors
    • Housebreaking
    • All reliable up to 50 ft.