Private Classes

These are great for the busy family who can’t feasibly see themselves successfully driving to class week after week. 

Private Classes are also good for someone that needs individual attention that they just can’t get in a group setting. 

Individual Attention

If you have a lot of questions, great! I have a lot of answers.

I help people turn the Fur Monsters back into Loveable Fur Babies. 

I don’t care if you have a 175-pound Mastiff or a 3 pound Yorkie,  either way, my basic tactics remain the same.

I use 3 ingredients for every successful student training recipe . 

1. Patience

2. Repetition

3. Consistency

Tailor Fit

Because the sessions are focused on your specific problems, I want to tailor fit this course to your needs. If one week you want to work on your dog not jumping on the guests, and then the week after you want to condition your dog to the vehicle…that’s not a problem!